What moves us

We view each and every challenge as an incentive to develop new solutions that go further than before.

Our values

As a Swiss company, we trade according to a value-based approach that provides a clear line with respect to our high standards in our dealings with partners, customers and employees.

Our «Code of Conduct»

The foundation

Our roots are in the world of athletics. For this reason we support dedicated ski athletes, including Thomas Tumler, Mauro and Gino Caviezel and Semyel and Carole Bissig, in aspiring to be the best they can be.

About the foundation


We generate yields for our partners and customers using a high level of discipline and profound know-how.


We create understanding of local market conditions and develop targeted solutions that meet needs.


We comply with agreements to the last detail and provide services that exceed expectations.

The siblings Mauro and Gino Caviezel.

Our commitment

Our roots lie in sport. Therefore we support events such as the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF) in Zug and help committed athletes such as Mauro and Gino Caviezel in their aspirations to give their best.