Who we are

Werco Trade is passionate about trading. Each and every one of our services is driven by the desire to always be one step ahead of our customers. Solution-oriented thinking and actions as well a high level of transparency reflect this endeavour just as much as the personal commitment of each and every one of our employees.

Our history

Since 2008, we have exhibited professionalism and determination in dedicating ourselves to global commodity trading. Continual growth has made us what we are today: a globally connected trading company operating in both niche and mainstream sectors across all of the world’s continents.

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Where we work

We do business all over the world, with operations managed from our two bases in Lucerne and Shanghai. Reliability, fairness and precision characterize everything we do, and apply as much to our dealings with partners as they do to our relations with our employees.

Our Team

Our goal is to invariably give our best and to build long-term business relationships. Achieving it is all about combining best possible services with optimum product quality, reliability and precision.


  • Marco Wermelinger, CEO
  • Michael Müller, COO
  • André Wermelinger, CFO

Executive Board

  • Alfred Wermelinger, member of the board
  • André Wermelinger, member of the board
  • Marc Lüthi, member of the board
  • Marco Wermelinger, chairman of the board
  • Michael Müller, vice chairman of the board
  • Rudolf Stäger, member of the board

Lucerne office

  • Adrian Schobinger, Traffic Manager
  • Alex Barmettler, Trade Finance/Controlling
  • André Wermelinger, CFO
  • Christina Bieri, Trader
  • Dario Styger, Traffic Manager
  • Dario Suter, Traffic Manager
  • Elsbeth Pfiffner, Trade Finance
  • Florian Portmann, Accounting/Controlling
  • Gustaf Alund, LME/Hedging
  • Janine Pfiffner, Traffic Manager
  • Katrin Rechsteiner, Office Manager
  • Luca Wermelinger, Trader
  • Marco Wermelinger, CEO
  • Michael Müller, COO
  • Misa Okano, LME/Hedging
  • Monica Rauca, Traffic Manager
  • Sarah Wermelinger, Human Resources
  • Stefan Meyer, Traffic Manager

Office China

  • Lucy Zeng, General Manager Werco Shanghai, Head of Trading
  • Tina Wang, Trader
  • Jodie Yu, Trader
  • Leming Chen, Contract Administration
  • Frank Cai, Traffic Manager
  • Tony Niu, Traffic Manager
  • Colette Ni, Traffic Manager
  • Robin Ding, Junior Traffic Manager